Reclaim your Taste Buds 




If you’re contemplating eating mostly or entirely plant based this year, you’ve no doubt wondered: Will I just be eating bland fiber bombs all the time?
Eric Adams, a Brooklyn-based politician and author, has been there. “Before I became plant based, I never would have believed that eating this way would satisfy me,” he writes in his new book, . “I used to think that a good meal meant lots of sugar, salt, and fat. I had no idea what vegetables and fruits truly tasted like because what few I ate were drowned in sauces and oil. This is one of the most surprising benefits of a plant-based diet: You get your taste buds back!”
The following recipes, curated by Adams and reprinted from Healthy at Last, show exactly what he means.
Jackfruit and Okra GumboAfrican Greens MélangeCreamy Tomato Basil Bisque

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